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Walking with Canine Proffesionals

A common problem with dog owners is not being able to take their dog out for a walk because they’re busy at work/school/travelling. In the meantime, the dog may relieve itself indoors, chew up the sofa, or even leave a “gift” on their owner’s pillow. Not only is this a frustrating experience in itself for both dog and owner, it can also leave the dog with behavioural issues such as separation anxiety, excessive fearfulness or aggression.
We at DogMen have the perfect solution for you and your dog - personal service by canine proffesionals.

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Dog Run

Because a tired dog is a happy dog. We'll run your dog from the moment he's out till the moment he's back.


Your dog needs Training? Call DogMen! No time to take your pup to the groomer? We'll take him for you!

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We're Always Open

Weekends, Holidays, Mornings and Nights. We will always be there - ON TIME.

Full Coverage Insurance

DogMen has got your dog's back. Our insurance provides comprehensive coverage (including third party events)

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הולכות כלבים אישיות ומקצועיות
Canine Proffesionals

Our canine professionals go through a professional and individual background check before they are hired

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Oh Behave!

Yes, we specialize in treating dogs with behavioral problems. We have a solution for every pup.

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