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DogMen are a team of highly trained professional, experienced animal lovers

DogMen’s was founded by Adi Barnea, who continues to lead DogMen with care and dedication.

A trained lawyer and psychologist, Adi is an entrepreneur and dog man at heart.

He met his first love, a German Shepherd called Keren, when he was recruited into the IDF’s Oketz Operational Combat Unit in 1998.

Keren, a courageous soldier also at the start of her training, stuck by Adi through thick and thin, as they trained together in the IDF’s canine unit.

Keren and Adi completed their service together. Brave Keren now happily spends her retirement at home, where she is part of Adi and his wife’s growing family.

Professionalism, care, training, planning and love all form part of the DogMen philosophy. Whatever your dog’s nature or circumstances, you’ll find the best of friends here at DogMen.

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