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All dogs need daily physical activity

Physical & Social Needs

Dogs need daily exercise and social interaction to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Being stuck alone indoors all day is not good for them.

DogMen are here, not only to give your dog exercise and fun but also to give them that extra dose of love when you’re not home. You won’t see DogMen walking with half a dozen dogs. Two is our maximum because quality time and full attention is important to us and your fur-baby! Wherever possible, your pup with always be matched with the same carer, for maximum buddy-bonding.

Trained Professionals

We work to the highest possible standard. All our DogMen go through rigorous training. These are real professionals and fuzzy dog lovers.  Their expertise covers the whole dog spectrum: positive dog training, dog psychology, nutrition, health…you name it. If it’s got pup paws, they know it!

Destructive, aggressive or timid behaviour, you’ll notice a clear improvement in your dog’s temperament after some regular DogMen magic. Our happy customers tell us about their canine’s transformations. Destructive dogs are now much calmer, leaving the whole family—and their furniture—in a happier state. Anxious pups come out of their furry shell with DogMen’s guidance, able to socialize with other dogs and strangers. The difference is remarkable. It’s no wonder. Our training is the best in Israel. It’s an all-round paws up!

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