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Congratulations On Your Big Day!

Some dogs, such as young dogs and puppies, high-energy dogs and dogs with excess weight, need more than just regular activity.

To maintain good physical and mental health, these dogs need the opportunity to run at least three times a week. It’s something they are born to do.

we cover
EVERY thing

Our Wedding Package takes all the stress out of including your dog in your big day. From planning, to pampering and accompanying, our service runs as smooth as pup’s freshly groomed fur.


We’ll do as much or as little as you like. Before the big day, we’ll talk you through the options and co-ordinate a plan. We’re well experienced and can guide you through the process to select the perfect fit.

On the day itself, your DogMen buddy will arrive smart and early, ready to take your dog for a good walk and play. We’ll arrive to the venue with your dog in tip-top shape: Calm, exercised and happy—and looking great!

Grooming & Outfits

Doggy ring-bearer? Doggy best man?
We’ve seen - and can create - it all!  
We have a range of the cutest and smartest doggy wedding attire (yes, it’s a thing). We can even throw in a costume change for double the fun. Ready for those close-ups…and plenty of cuddles? Your pup will be groomed to sweet-smelling perfection, with our beauty and care service.  

Pictures & Ceremonies

Never work with animals? Says who?  We’ll be there to escort your dog, keeping pupster calm, happy and on-track. Posing for pictures, grinning away under the canopy… With plenty of experience and planning under our belt, we’ll keep pup in the picture. Your dog can focus on melting hearts, putting smiles on faces and sharing your big day.

Do we hear wedding bells?

I Do!

Our Services

Our mission is to consistently provide peace of mind to our customers with loving, professional and trustworthy services