Most dogs don’t get too worried about their owners leaving home for the day. They know that if the boss leaves so it returns.

But, as soon as the furry creature spots a suitcase brought from storage, he assumes an unusual  departure. Your dog may relate the sight of the suitcase to the possibility of a permanent separation, or worse, being abandoned by you.

For your dog, home is territory. During your absence and until your return, he is the loyal guard of this territory. Therefore, for certain dogs, leaving territory to go to a pension, may be a traumatic event, potentially leading to loss of appetite, lack of desire to go on walks, aggression and even developing a separation anxiety.

DogMen’s dog-sitting services are designed to prevent problems that may arise from putting your dog in a pension. Instead of putting your dog in a dog pension, bring a dog-sitter to your own home.

Providing your dog human company in his own territory, while you are not around is the ultimate solution for your dog. A dog’s main need, in addition to going for walks, eating and drinking, is receiving human warmth and care.

DogMen’s dedicated team of dog-sitters share a genuine and limitless love for dogs. This love is expressed by the dog-sitters at any given moment with your dog and is the source of the uncompromising standards of the dog-sitting services we offer.

When your dog is in our hands, he will receive warmth and experience much joy. We will play, entertain and walk with him and give him as much love as a dog can and should get. And all this - in your home, the territory in which your dog lives and it used to.

So, on your next vacation you will go carefree. During the upcoming intense period at work, you won’t have to be concerned about your dog, knowing that he is in good hands.  

For your next vacation order a dog-sitter for your beloved dog

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