Daily physical activity is an important component of a dog's life, for some dogs it may even be crucial.  

Dogs with excessive energy, those who need to lose weight, young and energetic puppies and vigorous adult dogs all need to run at least 3 times a week to maintain physical and mental health.

One of our DogMen runners will pick up your dog from home and will create a personalized fitness program based on your dog’s basic fitness and physical abilities.

The intensity of the program will be adjusted and developed consistently, according to the dog’s progress.

Dogs love to run. In fact, they are born to run.

For them, running is not just a way to maintain physical fitness, but also a means to let out energy in a productive manner, rather than a destructive manner.

Studies have shown that running helps dogs maintain proper weight, balance, muscle tone and build endurance.

Shall we go out for a run?

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