Would you like your furry friend to be included in the happiest day of your life?

DogMen is happy to assist you in making your wedding day a perfect one, enabling the presence of the most significant creature in your lives, a guest of honor, your first child!

Undoubtedly, your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your lives.  On this special day of exchanging vows of loyalty and love, usually, the furry friend stays behind.

Recognizing the difficulties involved in including your furry friend at the event, DogMen has created a perfect package that allows your dog to be an integral part of the celebration!

A few days prior to the event, you will meet one of our canine professionals. In the meeting, you can get to know each other and discuss your needs and wants for the big day.  

In the meeting you can also choose an attire for your dog -- we have a versatile range of options. We highly recommend changing attires during the photoshoot!

Morning: Release energy

In the morning of your wedding day we will pick up your dog and take him out for an hour of walk and play. After having released some energy, your dog will arrive happy and calm to the photoshoot.

Noon/Afternoon - preparations for photoshoot

We will take your dog to a professional beauty salon for a bath, haircut and nail trimming, whatever is needed.

Evening - After photoshoot

While you enjoy the rest of your celebration free of worries, we will bring your dog back home and take him for an evening walk. 

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